maanantai 1. elokuuta 2016


Natural Home is a project created, planned and implemented by rural  
youth in the field of nature conservation and exploitation. Young  
people from Finnish and Transilvanian villages in cooperation with  
local Scout groups plan a week long camp in Finland, where 10-10  
youngsters (aged 13-25) will experience the Finnish nature, the  
diversity of natural resources and nature conservation in Finland.  
They will compare the two countrie's methods and traditions and come  
up with the best ways of conservation and exploitation. These outcomes  
will be presented to the public via photo exhibitions in both villages  
and to local governments and orgaizations to take them to the next  
level and possibly include into local nature conservation. The project  
offers a great opportunity to rural youth with fewer opportunities to  
improve their skills in English, in international cooperation, project  
working and nature conservation and exploitation. Hopefully the  
project helps the youngsters  realize and appreciate the possibilities  
in their environment (tourism, possible professions, use of gifts of  
the nature) and the importance of nature conservation.

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