lauantai 6. kesäkuuta 2020

Update on challenge 2!

After receiving seeds for peas and salad, I decided to go all in and get more plants to grow. I found a good place for the garden plot from our backyard where we will soon plant a flower field in order to help bees and other pollinators. 

I really want this garden plot to be permanent on our yard and that we would use it every year starting now. Besides peas and salad, I also planted onions, carrots, more peas, more salad but different kind☝, 
broccolis, cucumbers and swedes. 

I still need to add support sticks for the peas and maybe ad a scarecrow to keep the birds away. Hopefully our summer won't be cold and short and I will be able to make full meal out of the harvest. I'm thingking about grilling those vegetables or making vegetarian stakes out of them. We'll see what happens, do I have green thump or none plants left at the end of the summer. 

- Eveliina

keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2020

Pohjan Puhurissa juttua meidän hankkeesta ja hiihtolomaviikon leiristä, käykääpä  kurkkaamassa:

Ja muistakaapa jokainen tehdä ja raportoida nyt meneillään oleva haaste! 

keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2020


Some feelings from camp.

Vielä leirifiilistelyä.

All pictures by Pauli Nivala.

tiistai 24. maaliskuuta 2020


Thursday 5.3 was day of good bye, see you soon!

Pictures by Marja-Liisa Kaakko.

CHALLENGES 2020-2021


Wednesday 4.3 was busy day in the camp. We started with escape room -game in Kannus with smaller groups. This was a big challenge to teams and we would like to thank Escape Room Kannus; . During afternoon and in feedbacks there were lot of comments about this. Good teamworking!

In the afternoon we had a workshop about Challenges 2020-2021 in our project. We continue this project together in both countries with doing challenges. This is going to be different way of cooperation and learning from each other. Now we have a ready plan and responsibilities how to do these. Check these challences from next text, maybe you could do those too!!

This picture is "Your last wish" as part of evening program. Picture by Marja-Liisa Kaakko

maanantai 9. maaliskuuta 2020

MY FUTURE 3.3.2020 Tuesday

Today we had an early morning and went to visit Vestia. Vestia is a waste disposal Company who collects waste and trash from homes and leasure houses. The waste is either recycled or burned for energy.

After Vestia visit, we had a challence where we had to buy a whole outfit from fleemarket using only 20€. Not only shirt and pants, but also shoes, hat, accessories and other things. Those outfits bought from Kirppis Ruusunen where to be shown in a fashion show later in the evening.

After eating we headed to Kalajoki, Safaritalo, where we had olympics. Everyone where divided into four teams and competed in various games. For example robe pulling, curling, frisbee golf and other team activities.

Afterwords we stopped by the sea and had walk on the ice. After long day we came back to the camp and had plenty of leasure time and change to go to sauna, palju and make creche or stick buns.