Challenge 1: Take the rubbish out!

Our first challenge in this My Future -project was to clean up environment around us. Here is how it was done in Finland and in Romania.

Projektin ensimmäinen haaste oli käydä keräämässä oman kodin ympäristöstä roskia. Alun perin tarkoituksena oli, että kokoonnutaan porukalla ja käydään läpi oman kylän tienvarsia. Tämä haaste jouduttiin kuitenkin muokkaamaan korona-ystävälliseksi, kun Suomessa vielä toukokuussa oli rajoitettu yli 10 hengen kokoontumisia. Haaste saatiin kuitenkin hienosti suoritettua ja tässä vähän kuvamateriaalia roskien keruusta! Kuten kuvista voidaan päätellä, aikamoinen kasa roskaa on kerätty haasteen aikana! Ja monenlaista moskaa löytyykin tienvarsilta. Ehkäpä jokainen voi kohdallaan miettiä, mihin kulkiessaan seuraavan kerran roskansa laittaa.. Haastettiin mukaan koko lippukunta, kiitos osallistuneille!

During this challenge, it was prohibited in Finland to gather together in groups of more than 10 people. So, we modified this challenge from our original plans. Everybody collected trash near their own homes and did the challenge in smaller groups. In these pictures you can see, how much trash was collected!


Opinions about recycling

Recycled trash can be used to remake the same products which they have been used for.For example cans or bottles.Or they can be used to make completely new kind of product for example it's possible to reuse trash as material for a completely new kind of road which is mostly made from plastic it's easier to put down and it helps with saving the environment.

The reason why people throw away trash is mostly because they think that it's not a big deal but it really does matter even if you only throw away a little amount of it all of it adds up.We should teach people more self awareness on this topic. 

  1. We can recycle trash in so many ways. Here, the recycling it's not taken seriously enough, but there are some possibilities. But if we can't get help from bigger organizations we can help ourselves. We can recycle things by our own, making jewellery, decorations even furniture, whatever our minds can come up with.   

     The reason why people are throwing away trash, it's the fact that most of the people don't really care or think about what happens with the trash, after they throw it away. They think it doesn't count if they throw away only a small piece of candy paper, however it really matters. One other reason is, that they're too lazy, to carry to a trash can their garbage.” If there is no trashcan around, why carry it when I can throw it away, this is a small one. „-they think.

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