maanantai 9. maaliskuuta 2020

MY FUTURE 3.3.2020 Tuesday

Today we had an early morning and went to visit Vestia. Vestia is a waste disposal Company who collects waste and trash from homes and leasure houses. The waste is either recycled or burned for energy.

After Vestia visit, we had a challence where we had to buy a whole outfit from fleemarket using only 20€. Not only shirt and pants, but also shoes, hat, accessories and other things. Those outfits bought from Kirppis Ruusunen where to be shown in a fashion show later in the evening.

After eating we headed to Kalajoki, Safaritalo, where we had olympics. Everyone where divided into four teams and competed in various games. For example robe pulling, curling, frisbee golf and other team activities.

Afterwords we stopped by the sea and had walk on the ice. After long day we came back to the camp and had plenty of leasure time and change to go to sauna, palju and make creche or stick buns.

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