sunnuntai 1. maaliskuuta 2020

The first of March

Today was workshop day! We reused old materials (like clothes, kinder eggs, spoons, forks and candy wrappers) to make bags, kindling, toothbrush covers, racks ... The most popular workshop seemed to be the one where the scouts redesigned old clothes.

Even our lunch was recycled: We ate leftovers from the previous days. Tonight the Hungarians are making dinner, so we don't yet know what we're having. The kitchen seems very busy, and a lot of potatoes have been peeled. Maybe we're having meat soup?

The younger children went to sauna and swam in the tub. All the girls were very brave and tried ice bathing :) We had a small accident, when the plug in the tub came loose. Luckily we managed to put it in place before the whole tub went empty!

xoxo Milka and Natalia

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