lauantai 29. helmikuuta 2020


Our first camp morning started at 8.00 am with plenty of breakfast.

After traditional flag raising we entered into our camp's theme, sustainability and recycling.

We went through our pre-assigment which included documenting our daily life. After that we viewed some videos conserning our topic and created a flag for our camp. We were presented how to recycle in the camp and had "a trash-task" in groups.

In the forenoon we had a walk at the nature trail and had a change to go ice fishing. Following our intense play of capture the flag, we all prepared dinner for the evening. Youngest campers had a change to go for a swim.

We also had a service concerning on going fasting, which 52 people attended.

Later on in the evening we relaxed in the sign of sauna, tub, ice swimming and evening snacks.

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