torstai 20. helmikuuta 2020

Zöld Péter and Vääräjoen Vartijat co-operation

RYEW CAMP, picture: Istvan Antal 2019 

" Zöld Péter Cserkészcsapat and Vääräjoen Vartijat have been in contact since 2015 and we have
carried out 2 exchanges together (2016 and 2017). After that we have kept in contact by regular skype-calls, mails and last summer 2019 Vääräjoen Vartijat joined the local scout camp in Transylvania.

There we talked about the current issues youngsters face nowadays and wrote a plan to carry out a longer project where we can concentrate on sustainability on the level of individuals. We want to make a change in the way we consume and use resources. Our goal is to see optional ways of consuming, purchasing and learn different ways of using the resources of the Earth. We do believe that every change starts in individuals and we want to make that change happen, because we feel it will help our community in the near future.

In this project we will have 2 camps, first in March 2020 and second in July 2021."
(text is from funding application by Rita Kovacs/Rieska-Leader ry)

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