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MY FUTURE -CAMP 28.2. – 5.3.2020

Welcome to the camp


Camp is held in Partio Jylhä (Hietakankaantie 503, Kannus). 

We start Friday 28.2, see you there! Camp leader is Niko Aihio.

Friday 28.2.
17.30 Arrive to Kokkola, Suvi and Sara picks you up with a bus
18.30 Arrive,  welcome dinner
- welcome program, sauna etc.

Saturday 29.2.
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Official opening ceremonies, orientation to camp topic
winter sports
Team dinner cooking and eating
18.00 church mess
sauna, pool, ice swimming, evening program together

Sunday 1.3.
8.00 breakfast
Re-cycling workshops
workshops continue
Hungarian dinner cooking, rest and games
18.00 Dinner together with families
Evening program by Zöld Peter -group, games etc.

Monday 2.3.
8.00 breakfast
8.30 departure to Toholampi
9.00 School visit in Viitoja School (Suvi’s school), outdoor games, lunch
11.45 - Company visits
- S-market; bottle-recycling
- Pramia; re-use of bottles
- Finnspring: produce of soft drinks

after there you can choose: sauna and swimming, handicrafts or snowshoe-walking

Back to Jylhä around 17.00, some rest, evening program together

Tuesday 3.3.
7.30 breakfast
8.00 departure to Ylivieska
8.45 Visit to Vestia (Waste Disposal Centre)
10.30 Flee- market (team task)
11.30 Shopping in Kärkkäinen
13.15 departure to Rautio
- visit to husky farm, run with huskies
around 17.00 dinner in Jylhä
sauna, pool, open fire cooking
option to sleep one night in tent

Wednesday 4.3.

8.00 breakfast
9.30 – 13.00
- escape room and outdoor activities
13.00 lunch
14.30 Workshop Future Challenges 2020-2021
rest, packaging
18.00 Farewell dinner, sauna, pool

Thursday 5.3.

7.00 breakfast
8.30 departure to Kokkola
9.52 Train to Helsinki

Cleaning, back to Rautio

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