keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2020

Handcrafted Christmas

Challenge n. 3

Year is coming to an end and so is our third challenge. Our task was to avoid buying new clothes at all or buy least as possible. We also applied this rule to other items during holiday season. By avoiding new thing, we had to rely on reusing old items, advancing nature and doing handicrafts. We also changed items we didn't need anymore in scout evenings. 

For holiday season we crafted door wreaths from spruce. By using natural products from the forest, we avoided buying anything new. 

Pictures by: Marja-Liisa Kaakko 

We also organised a workshop for handmade gifts. Kids made and decorated cards to give out at Christmas. T-shirts and bags were used to make a unique gifts for friends and family. Smaller gifts were also crafted, such as keychains and elfs. For all these we used our already existing materials. 

Pictures by: Päivi Poranen 

Pictures by: Elisa Keskisipilä

I carried out this challenge by doing handicrafts and going through my old things. I bought for need only from second hand stores and thrifted things. For Christmas I handmade gifts, such as knitted mittens and remade candles. I used old candles to make new ones, even took the heart wore from old candles. I used old milk cartons as mold and small sentenced candles to give them good scent. I also thrifted my old things and used them as presents. For example I gave my old perfectly fine puzzles to my friend who loves to assembly them. 

                        - Eveliina Sarja


Pictures by: Eveliina Sarja

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