lauantai 2. tammikuuta 2021


Swap day


23rd November was the day "Swap day" was organized. Days before the event every small or big scout was looking for clothes, gadgets or toys which they had no use for. Its very likely that in the search almost everyone stumbled upon something which brought back memories. Throughout this we could slightly relive our childhood memories.

Then came the day of the event, we met at the scout house. Everyone was excited to see each other and the things we brought. As soon as everyone put their things on the table some of us had already seen something they could put into use or something a family member or friend could use.

Overall we could state that we all had a great time either by making someone happy with the things they brought or finding something they liked, even just meeting each other in these times and socializing was a great experience for us. We wish to reorganise this "Swap day" in the future.


This Swap Day was part of our common project My Sustainable Future.  Text and pictures by István Antal. 


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