torstai 15. huhtikuuta 2021

Challenge 4: Say no to plastic! Romania edition

Recycling in our area

In the last 3 months we tried our best to not buy as many plastic packaging and brought our own shopping bags whenever we would go out shopping, bags which we had previously bought or homemade ones. We try our best to use decomposable materials instead of plastic ones.
With the help of fellow activists a recycling center has been opened. Here you can exchange your recyclable materials to coupons. It has improved the enviromental awareness of people mostly, because its next to a shopping cente, plus its one of the only recycling centers in our area, but you always have to start somewhere and I think this is a great step for a better future.
We are reassured that 100% of the materials are recycled.
Other than this, we also support the collecting of bottle caps which helps with reducing the cost of needed medical equpiments.

Recycling and old hammer

Instead of throwing away an old hammer we saved it and recycled it by taking out its handle.We carved a new hammer handle, made of hard oak wood.The hammerhead was also polished and cleaned.The hammerhead was also polished and cleaned.With this method we managed to save, recycle and fully renew the hammer.

In conclusion, we are doing our best to improve our environmental issues with recycling and overall we are trying to raise awareness of our surroundings.

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